Programs and Services

What We Offer


Case Management

Brookview Residential offers extensive case management services. We are knowledgeable about the community resources available to our residents and encourage community ties. Whether it is coordinating health services or providing emotional support through a difficult time. Our residents will always be encouraged and supported.

Fall Prevention and Enrichment Programs

We offer a fall prevention program geared toward residents who are at a greater risk to fall. Each resident will be screened upon admission to see if a physical therapy evaluation is indicated prior to participation.  

In addition, we offer opportunities to engage, enjoy, express, learn, and grow each day. Our team develops an enrichment calendar monthly, tailored to specific needs and preferences. We offer a blend of activities and outings that enrich the body, mind, and spirit.

Click below to view our monthly enrichment calendar.


Medication Administration & Management

Brookview Residential provides the support that seniors and their families need when it comes to medication management. We have regularly scheduled RN and Pharmacy consultants and work closely with your providers. Staff are fully licensed and experienced.  
In addition, our staff can also provide transportation to and from provider appointments and trips to the pharmacy.

Massage Therapy

Massage for the elderly has various physical and mental benefits, which results in the improvement of health and general well-being. Our Residential Care Director is also licensed in Massage Therapy. She is able to provide massage therapy services customized for each individual.

Meal Preparation

Brookview Residential provides the support required to carry on with dignity, with the same love and care a family member would provide. This support includes meal planning and preparation. Brookview is a proud member of Grove Menus. All of our meals are approved by a dietitian to assist us in preparing the most nutritious of meals. We serve 3 meals a day and encourage participation in the kitchen.

We’re always open to suggestions! Let us know if there’s something seasonal or special you’d like to see offered at any of our homes.  Click below to see our weekly menus.




24/7 Emergency Care

We provide our residents with 24/7 emergency care.  Residents can always feel safe knowing that staff is there to assist them in an emergency.  Our staff is highly trained and ready to take on any urgent needs for our residents.


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